So tell me about hydrographics?

The transfer of inked film to almost any shaped object!

Hydrographics, also known as water transfer printing, is a way of transfering a pattern or design on to almost any 3D shape that can be painted such as helmets, motorcycle part, car parts, paint ball guns, signs, computer cases, the choice is almost endless! The parts are prepped and base painted then dipped through a printed film that is laid on water and the ink within the print is transferred onto the object.

As the object is carefully immersed in the pattern covered water, the infill of water literally wraps the pattern around the object.

boothydrographics on car rim

The advantage of the hydrographics process over screen printing, spraying, airbrushing or vinyl wrapping is it is possible to get very consistent pattern coverage over very irregular shaped objects not possible by any other method.

Once the part is cleaned and dry it is then lacquered with a two pack lacquer for a gloss or matt protective finish which makes it as tough and durable as an automotive paint finish. All work is prepped to the highest standard using the best materials and lacquered with a high quality two pack lacquer.

The process itself isn’t new and has been used in the mass production of automotive interior trim for many years with the majority of the wood and carbon fibre effect in cars actually being fake. Whether you drive a Ford or a BMW, that high quality piece of trim is in fact printed plastic which has been lacquered, giving a very life like wood or carbon look.

We are also able to incorporate the film designs into a custom paint job or build a custom job around the film on nearly any object. There are well over 200 film designs readily available with more being developed every month. With some of the films so detailed it is not really practical to try to paint them the only real limit is your imagination!

One of the great benefits of using Hydrographics is a cost that's almost half that of an airbrush painted custom job. The cost will depend on condition of parts to be dipped, cleaning, preparation and any damage repairs as well as final base colours and candys. The turn around time averages around two weeks depending on size of parts and work to be done. Please contact us for an initial estimate.

To view examples of how our Hydrographics have been used visit our Example Uses page

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Hydrographics Dipping...

To illustrate how a Hydrgraphics 'dip' takes place what the example below which shows hydrographics applied to a car wheel rim.

Leading ShawNaughty Designz

Among the large number of hydrographics films available we use many from the leading ShawNaughty design collection. This video illustrates the HADES design.

You can view more of ShawNaughty Designz, along with animal prints, Ozarks and Flames and Skulls collection on our Example Hydrographics Films page